It’s a Bit of a Mess: Entropic Accumulation as Care

Abby Tuckett 
M.Arch I 2024


Consider the 【】

01. Broken 
02.  Δ ing
03. Insignificant
   03 -A. Quaint
04. Connected
05. ±

Connections are  【】

01. Organized
02.   Notable 
    02-A. Digital 
    02-B. Analog
   02-C. Late at Night
    02-D. Lost 
03.   Continuous
05. Messy
06.  Collections

Co-Transforming in 【】

01. USA
   01-A. Charlesgate
    01-B. Providence
        01-B.01  My  Room
        01-B.01  My Home
       01-B.01  My walk
   01-C. Newton
02. Practice
03. Books
04. ±
Guidelines as a 【】

01. Map 
02. Drawing 
03.  City?
04.  Process
What else am I missing? (i need to organize my mind so welcome to some process in final)
 Music
 Pictures of my rooms
 Thesis Statement
 pictures from  new construction


= external links 
± = all the extras that do not fit
Δ = Change (Delta)

Below is a series of images all from the Charlesgate Area. Any evidence of the built world and the grown world clashing and participating in co-disintegration